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October 15, 1999    I find the perfect piece of luggage for the jungles of Brazil.

October 22, 1999     I arrive in Brazil but my nice suitcase does not --- Horseback riding  across the Brazilian outback.

October 23, 1999    "If there is no solution, then you don't have a problem" --- Hairstyling for the doctor's horses.

October 24, 1999    The Calvagada --- The best boots for Brazil --- A small rodent is cremated, but where is its soul?

October 25, 1999    I have no clean clothes ---Trapped in an all-night party with a room full of cigar smoking Brazilians.

October 26, 1999    Today we operate --- Removing a big chunk of heart ---Tips for cardiac surgical photographers.

October 27, 1999    Giving the  book to Batista --- Travel to India? --- Driving with one knee --- Emergency surgery.

October 28, 1999    A day in transit from Curitiba to Foz de Iguacu.

October 29, 1999    In which I try to find a place to sleep --- Hotel or Hostel? --- Where have all the heavy weights
                                          gone? --- Does anyone have a towel? --- A kind and gentle post office.

October 30, 1999    Can anyone be objective? --- Is heart surgery simple or natural? --- How do you want to die?

October 31, 1999    Day spent re-organizing and updating this web page.

November 1, 1999   Making friends at Cafe Pizza Internet --- Butterflies, Lizards and Waterfalls --- Please don't hurt me.

November 2, 1999    I found him! --- Annahas and Mazen --- Investing in Brazil --- I'm off to Paraguay!

November 3, 1999    Human ant farm --- His roots go back to Mesopotamia --- "I am very excited!"

November 4, 1999    Today my web page went down --- no other items of interest --- explanation of crisis to follow

November 5, 1999     Get off my triangle! --- Taking pictures has never been so much fun --- Give me back my film!

November 6, 1999    Solving technical problems with web page.

November 7, 1999    Astral Soul Travel --- Don't Sniff Glue! --- Demon Seed in the Pee-Pee

November 8, 1999    Fresh Cakes and Spoiled Dogs --- A Brazilian who Hates Rice and Beans? --- Making Babies and Going to Sleep

November 9, 1999    Saying Goodbye to my Friends at Cafe Pizza Net --- You Should Make Soap Operas!

November 10, 1999    Entire day spent travelling from Foz do Iguaçu to São Paulo, Brazil.

Nov. 11 -  13, 1999    Settling into São Paulo, Brazil, writing the Brazilian Diary and searching for a place to upload it to the web.

November 14, 1999    "Brazil is the Country of the Future, and It Always Will Be."

November 15, 1999    Spinning wheels, Loincloths and Televisions --- "You'll Never Know What You Can Do Without Until You Try."

Nov. 16  - 17, 1999    Exploring the city of São Paulo and trying to figure out where to go next.  Please see next entry.

November 18, 1999    Brazilians drive horribly --- Shopping Cart Terrorism --- Which way does water flow down the drain?

November 24, 1999    Wrap your fingers around a jugular vein --- The Black Book --- India, Berlin and now Pakistan

November 25, 1999    Reshaping the Heart --- She Was Supposed to Die During Heart Surgery --- David and Goliath

November 26, 1999    Eisenmenger --- "Double-Blind?  Let's Get Practical!" --- On Basketball and Heart Surgery

Dear Friends:  I will be travelling to Belo Horizone and Bahia during the next week or two.  I do not know if I will be able to add to the web site during this trip, so I have written a few essays in advance for you to read.  Please feel free to send e-mail to me in reference to these entries.  Though I may not be able to add to the diary, I will attempt to read and respond to e-mail.  I'm including entry dates so that you may refer to the entries in correspondence, though I wrote them all between November 27 and November 30, 1999.

Thank you for your interest in the Brazilian Diary.

November 30, 1999    On a Highway in Brazil.

December 1, 1999    I will miss the Buzz --- A Girlfriend --- Things that are Easy to live with.

December 2, 1999    Searching for Eternity --- Paying the Duck --- "Please Don't Feed the Brazilians."

December 3, 1999    On Stethescopes and Garden Hoses --- Matches and Red Meat --- Photos by Candlelight.

I have arrived in Bahia and found a computer from which to continue my entries.

December 6, 1999    Waiting for Batista --- Sweating at the Symposium --- My Dad Had Pump Head.

December 7, 1999    Mount Everest? --- Potato Chips and Jelly ---  On Fixing Cars & Hearts.

December 8, 1999    Happy Trails and Hotel Nightmares --- "There's a Slovenian in My Room, Quick, Take a Picture!"

December 9, 1999    Breakfast in Bed? --- A Big Mess.

December 10, 1999    On Riots, Legos, and Genetically Engineered Corn.

December 20, 1999    In which I learn that the entire miserable experience in Belo Horizonte was really a test.

December 21, 1999    The patient cannot breathe --- "Where is the Egg ?" --- We must work with Japanese investors

December 22, 1999    Searching the Backlands of Brazil for "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place."

December 23, 1999    The Midnight Drive --- Smashing into  Turtles --- Burning Mango Trees to Make Bricks.

December 24, 1999    Akio Morita on the Art of Saying 'Yes' and 'No' and Taking Things Under Consideration.

December 25, 1999    On My Disappearing Gillette --- Of Corks and Razor Blades --- Amazonian Indians Shave My Face Every Morning.

December 26, 1999    Motel Life in Middle America --- Snot-Nosed Art Directors at LIFE Magazine --- "Here's Our Window - Let's Go."

December 26, 1999    Sitting by His Side for Five Hours --- He Messed With a Good Thing.

December 27, 1999    A Feudal Baron Who Keeps His Own Counsel --- Randas, Hitler and Stalin --- Pussyfooting Around Brazil.

December 28, 1999    "That's Your Limit?!!" --- "You're as Bad as that Pathetic Nurse!" --- Everything is a Piece of Cake.

December 29, 1999    The Master can ask you to do Anything --- A Wonderful Oppportunity to Learn --- Pragmatic, Machiavellian & Deeply Insightful.

December 30, 1999    A Man of Advice --- Forgive him his Exaggerations --- I Trust Randas, a Great Friend and a Great Influence.

December 31, 1999    Waiting for Noah's Arc --- Standing in the Rain-Soaked Sand with a Firecracker and Soggy Matches --- Speakers in Garbage Bags.

1 January 2000    Swimming Between Raindrops on New Year's Day --- A Whirling Dervish Hits the Golf Course --- Randas Drives into a Coconut.

2 January 2000    Randas Shares a Gem --- A Lesson of Sacrifice and Compassion.

5 January 2000    "Who Do They Think I am, Jesus?" --- "I Save Them, And They Kill Them" --- I Never Knew There Were Shades of Death

6 January 2000    Leaving Curitiba:  Completion, Accomplishment & Sadness.

7 January 2000    Machu Picho or Terra del Fuego? --- None of Them! --- I just want my Camera, Pen, Paper and Portuguese.

8 January 2000    Trying to Find Marcos --- Polishing my Shoes with Paper Towels --- I Had One Minute.

9 January 2000    Men With Hammers --- "The Hotel for Sex" --- Making my Bed at Midnight

10 January 2000    Men With Concrete Slabs --- Fighting with a Hapless Little Man --- We Shook Hands and I left São Paulo.

11 January 2000    Jeff, Marcos, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz --- Christ the Redeemer --- "Olha que coisa mais linda..."

12 January 2000    On a Midnight Bus Ride from Rio to São Paulo --- "O Corpo Dourado" --- Edson, James, and Rachel.

13 January 2000    An Excellent Afternoon at ZIP.NET --- Etiene, Elizabeth and Ana Paula --- Facing Explosive Growth

18 January 2000    We Are All Just Renting Space --- On Razor Blades and Dog Food --- "All of This I Did For Thee."

19 January 2000    Tangy, Chewy and Sensuous --- Making Pão de Queijo and  Performing an Emergency Tracheostomy.

20 January 2000    Today the World Became Different.

26 January 2000    Where is Danielle? --- I Think You Will Find Jesus --- Deep, Dark, Brown Eyes with a Touch of Green.

28 January 2000    Sun Dried Tomatoes, Mozzarella, and Alcachofra  --- Men Talking Enthusiastically About Shaving.

29 January 2000    A Long Drive for a Great Meal --- His Joy Stretched Back to his Childhood --- Digesting in a Graveyard.

31 January 2000    Problems of Epic Proportions --- A Big Choice --- Sabina Left for Rio this Morning.

1 February 2000    A Guide for Teenagers, Twentysomethings and Tourists --- I Miss Sabina.

2 February 2000    The Prodigal Son --- Two Guys were in a Café --- "What is Your Problem?"

10 February 2000    Death by Refrigerator.

14 February 2000    In a Nutshell.

15 February 2000    Who Burned My Clothes? --- The Fonz, Green Pantyhose & Gunpowder.

16 February 2000    Be Educated!

17 February 2000    Today.

18 February 2000    Come Watch T.V. with me --- The Mating Ritual of the Costa Rican Rainbow Slug --- Baby Races.

21 February 2000    Where I am now.

27 February 2000    "Let's pretend," said Alice to the White Queen.

28 February 2000    A Farewell to Readers of the Brazil Diary...

22 June 2001           Postscript to the Brazil Diary — Some entries that I wrote after my return to the United States.